Chester Boone's is located in beautiful Humboldt County. 
Currently we ship to NJ, NY, Georgia, Minn, Mass, Texas, Illinois, California and Oregon.
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Chester Boone's manufactures safe natural alternatives to toxic chemical agricultural pesticides.

When a garden, farm or orchard is being colonized by invasive insects, molds or mildew, modern agricultural practices seek to kill it all with toxic chemicals such as organophosphates, pyrethroids or neuro-toxins.

Or slather with refined petroleum oils, essential oil's, neem oil, and various oil and alcohol blends.

Or use concoctions of sulfur and copper.


All of these applications are undesirable, being either toxic, harsh, sticky or residual and are generally suppressive to beneficial micro-biology.


As an alternative, you could


Keep it Clean!


Our heirloom product is Chester Boone's All Purpose Horticultural soap, a modern formulation crafted to be an effective plant cleaner, gentle to the plant yet deadly to insect pests and mildew. 

May be used up to the day of harvest, approved and legal for any crop, highly concentrated and priced for the frugal.


Keep it Clean!


Plants will be more vigorous, cuttings and seedlings will grow unimpeded, beneficial soil micro-biology will be unhindered, photosynthesis will improve, neighbors will be envious and all without any negative residual chemical impact. 


Follow all label directions for safe, cost effective insect pest control. For farm or garden, an enclosed environment greenhouse or indoors.  


Clean is good!

Mother Nature will approve.


We sell wholesale only to the best Garden and Farm Supply retailers.

Retailers are welcome to contact us about becoming a Chester Boone's vendor.